About us

Our riding-school was built in 2013 on the skirts of the Homokság, 4 km away from the town of Tiszakécske, on an area of nearly 20 hectares.


In the 300 m2 stable there are 12 boxes and 4 stalls. We also possess a saddle rack room, an ordinary storage and another for fodders, a horse wash and a hoof care room.


A 112 m2 service building is also available. It includes separate dressing-rooms, water closets and showers for ladies and gents.


The whole riding-school was constructed to be fully usable by disabled people too.


For the horsemen visiting us there are two horse tracks - one with an area of 80 m x 60 m and another one of 40 m x 20 m - two round paddocks of 16 m diameter and a gallop track.


Our Kisbér Half Breed horses originate from the Ördöngősi stud farm owned by Dr. Lajos Szabó. This stud farm is situated in Derekegyház and its purpose is to breed well-built, nice-looking, tame, docile horses that are capable of being used both in riding and carriage sports. In the breeding process they use Kisbér Half Breed stallions that are suitable for the breeding, but they also engage English Thoroughbreds and Sport Half Breeds for developing skills.


The horse riding is guaranteed by the supervision of a qualified equestrian instructor and tour guide. Quality equipment is provided for our guests.

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