Horse riding

Individual and in groups riding opportunity



Riding Education

Training under the instructor’s guidance, from beginners to advanced



Off-road riding

Varied individual and in groups riding trips, with the guidance of a qualified riding tour manager


Carriage driving

Driving carriages under the guidance of the riding instructor



Carriage tour

Trip by carriage, in winter by sledge


School trip (Eco-day)

One-day program for classes with riding opportunity and playful tasks


Team building

One-day team building program with riding opportunity and playful tasks



Breaking in generational colts for riding and carriage


Horse transport

Transporting horses with horse trailer


Horse keeping

Keeping opportunity in box or stall

Feeding: 3 per day

Feed: hay, oats

Type of litter: straw

Ground of boxes and stalls: concrete

Number of stablemen: 2

Veterinarian supervision: We have permanent veterinarian, but everyone could choose his own personally.


 We have our own farrier, but everyone could choose his own personally.

More feeding times and extra exercises could be required by personal agreements.

The veterinarian and farrier supply are available. Their costs impose the customer.


Riding is allowed only under the supervision of the staff of the riding-school.

Wearing riding hat is obligatory during riding.